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The DTCC RE-Engineering Project is a comprehensive effort to develop a single new platform to streamline and replace the myriad legacy systems supporting securities underwriting and corporate actions processing at DTCC.  One key customer impact will be a complete change in the format and delivery method of corporate action announcements.  Phase 1 of the corporate action component is scheduled for testing in Q3 2009.

Is there full awareness across the enterprise of the project and its potential impact? 

Has your firm already begun the planning process to prepare for theses corporate action changes?

Madison can review the readiness of the enterprise in terms of

  • Recognition and awareness
  • Enterprise-wide needs analysis to identify all interface points
  • Assessment of cost and resources
  • Project and budget planning

In three weeks, Madison will provide senior management with a full report on where the enterprise is in the program lifecycle, confidence level of meeting the DTCC published schedules, and recommended action steps needed to ensure the organization will meet the required timelines, including a recommended program structure to manage the initiative across the enterprise.

Sample service:

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Madison Consulting Group New York